Monday, June 18, 2007

Trip to Tucson

Last Sun. night, I got the phone call that my Uncle Ray was in the hospital in Tucson, and it didn't look good. He had been revived twice within a couple of hours. So plans were made, and family from all over, came to Tucson, including me. Even my sister, Tiffany came from Georgia, bringing my niece, Annabella, and my grandparents from Pennsylvania. While it is still a trying time for our family, we are enjoying each other's company. We still don't know which way my uncle is going to go, but we just keep praying for him. I came back to Phoenix yesterday, but I will go back to Tucson on Thurs. I took Jessi and Kassi with me to Tucson and left Sammi and Noah with my other Grandparents in Cordes Lakes. They went to a vacation bible school while they were there and had a great time. Jessi and Kassi got to hang out at my Aunt Jeanette's house with my cousin TJ. TJ introduced us to a video game called Guitar Hero II. I'm quite addicted to the game. Jessi enjoyed it too, and even sticks her tongue out the side of her mouth just like her grandpa Hogg does when he plays the guitar!

I really enjoyed my time with my mom, Tiffany, and Annabella. Annabella got to know her Aunt Nikki a little bit better this week I think. I enjoyed taking as many pictures of her as I could.
This one was taken right after Annabella hit Tiffany in the eye. I call it her pirate pose. ARRRR!
Well, I will try to put the rest of my pictures on snapfish and post a link on here. I will be going to Tucson on Thurs. then on to El Paso on Fri. to visit with my friend Ruth. I will keep everyone posted.