Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Makes Me Special?

My birthday was on Thursday. So yesterday, I found myself contemplating all the things I haven't accomplished in my 29+ years (29+ just sounds better than 30+). I guess I was kind of hosting my own pity party, thinking of all the goals that have gone unaccomplished. When Kassi walked up to me and asked, "What makes me special?" I thought it was a strange question for a 4 year old, but then realized she probably heard it on the show she had been watching. I looked at her blonde frizzy curls and her big brown eyes and wondered how I could possibly tell her how special she is to me in words she would understand. How do you tell a 4 yr old, that your heart has a different beat for each of your children? How do you tell her about how full she makes your heart, or how seeing her smile seems to light up your world? So I settled for saying, "You're special because I love you, and because you love me, and you're smart and nice, and you give the best hugs!" After which I was rewarded with a big hug and a kiss. Suddenly I couldn't resist asking her, "Kassi, what makes Mommy special?" She looked up at me with a glint in her eyes, excited for the opportunity to voice her opinion. "You play with me!" She said simply. And with that simple statement, life was right again. I may not have a prostegious job, or any published books with my name on them, or any awards, or a college diploma on my wall. But what I have is much greater. I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, and lots of family and friends that love me. Even better than that, I have a God who is my loving Heavenly Father. Whose heart has a different beat for each of us. Who is smart enough to know that when we ask ourselves, "What makes me special?" he can send a 4 year old to our side to answer that question.

To find out what makes YOU special click HERE!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Does My Butt Look Big in These Jeans?

Now most men think there is only one answer to that question. But I am proud to say that after 13 years of marriage, my husband knows me well enough to know what I wanted to hear. So yesterday when asked that question, he didn't even hesitate before saying, "Yes!" See I was born with a very flat/nonexistant backside. So after having 4 kids, it finally has a little substance to it, and often still needs the help of good pair of jeans to enhance the shape. Thus, my husband wasn't even stumped by my question and reinforced my thoughts that these jeans did indeed make my butt look bigger. Don't worry, I will spare you from a picture of my backside in my now favorite pair of jeans.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to all!!

It is important that during this Easter season we remember Christ and give him his rightly place in our festivities. So please enjoy this short video that chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus as taken from the Bible. I know that Jesus died for me and I will be forever grateful.

Have a Great Easter!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!

Today is my sister Tiffany's birthday. She is 30 years old today!! She is one of my very best friends, and I bet my mom is surprised to see us so close, especially after all the fighting as kids. We still have our arguments sometimes, but that's just because we aren't afraid to be ourselves around each other. We often have very different opinions on lots of things, but we aren't afraid to voice them around each other. She lives all the way in GA now which makes it hard to have a party for her or anything like that. But she loves e-mails and blogging, so please help me throw her a surprise e-mail birthday party. Her e-mail address is drop her birthday wish. I want her to get at least 30 e-mails for her 30th birthday!! Thanks for all your help!!


Desparately Seeking Susan or Becky or ..Well any girl will do really.

I was at an Enrichment activity at church last night, and was talking to a sister from Bakersfield, CA. I just happened to mention that my brother, who is single and a return missionary, would be in Bakersfield for the summer. Then I proceeded to ask her if she knew anyone to set him up with. The conversation at the whole table turned to setting up family or friends with each others friends. This sounds like a great idea to me, (especially since I'm not the one being set up!) The blogging world is like a small community in some ways. So lets put that to work. Here's my personals ad for my brother Jason. He's a 24 yr old return missionary who enjoys dressing nice and looking good. He likes funny girls who can put up with his joking around. He is very considerate and one of the sweetest brothers I have. When I was pregnant with Kassi he ran to every fast food restaraunt imaginable to satisfy my late night cravings. He is going to school for a business degree and is the elders quorum secretary in his ward. There is really no reason he should be single except that he likes to shop around. Going shopping with him takes for ever, he likes to see all his options first, then he will buy. So, help me give him alot of options, and we'll get this boy married off yet. Wow, if he reads this, I'm likely to be in a lot of trouble. Good thing he never checks my blog, huh?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Serenity NOW!!

Do you ever visit a person's blog on a regular basis only to realize that they hardly ever update. It's a very frustrating feeling, I know because I feel that way everytime I look at my blog. I can't help but think, "What is wrong with that lady?!!" Then I remember, "Oh yeah, it's me!" I'm not really sure what my problem is, I only know that for a girl who likes to write and talk, I haven't been doing much of either lately. I think it must be all the time I've been taking for deep inner speculation. I figured it was time to delve into my subconscious and explore the deep waters that run within myself. Picture it now, there I am in my beautifully clean house, sitting yoga style taking advantage of the quiet serenity, as I picture myself as a beautiful butterfly ready to emerge from my cacoon. YEAH RIGHT!! As if I would have time, here's what's really been going on:
1 broken toe, 2 science projects, 3 fake sore throats, a remodeling project, a computer class, our 13th anniversary, a family reunion, RS enrichment groups & birthday dinner, a student of the month, lots of bills, a broken cell phone, and a partridge in a pear tree!! Ok maybe there wasn't really a partridge in a pear tree but there was dead baby chick in Noah's incubator that was his science project. So now it's time to elaborate a little, (not too much or that will take forever, I'm leaving out pictures too). Jessi (My step mom calls her "Grace") broke her big toe by dropping a chair onto it. She has to wear flip flops to school for 3 weeks while it heals. Sammi and Noah both had science projects due today. Sammi made 2 different kind of solar ovens to see which would work better, and even here in the AZ sun, neither one worked at all. Noah tried to hatch a chicken egg in an incubator. My brother Jason's father, has a bunch of animals including chickens and he set Noah up with an incubator and some eggs. After 3 weeks, one of the 3 eggs started to hatch, we watched as the little guy worked really hard to get out of the egg, after 2 days of trying, Kentucky (Mike named the chick affectionately after KFC) didn't make it. Noah was really disappointed, but I think he learned alot. Sammi, Noah, and Jessi took turns playing hooky from school with fake sore throats. Well, I think they really did hurt in the morning but they each made miraculous recoveries as soon as the bus pulled away. Mike and I are finally remodeling our family room. It is long overdue. When I say Mike and I, I really mean he does all the work and my input consists of saying "you missed a spot." I will post pictures when it is finally done. The only other thing that deserves more detail, is that Jessi got student of the month for Feb. This is a BIG deal for her. She usually gets in a little trouble at school at least once a month. So for her to make this was wonderful, Mike even made sure to take yesterday off for the assembly at school so we could see her get the award. Plus yesterday was our anniversary. We have been married for 13 years now. It sounds alot longer than it feels. Course it helps to have the best husband ever.
Well, I will stop for now and try to update more often so my entries won't be as long.