Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kassi's B-Day Party

Kassi turned 5 years old this April. We had a party for her and she was all about the princess stuff!! She got more dress up clothes than I have real clothes I think. Here she is bestowing a royal kiss on Grandpa Jeanie!
She was even in her princess clothes to hit the pinata.

Tiff, here's the picture of Bella hitting the pinata. She is so cute!!

This is my husband's impersonation of Madonna. He thinks he's soooo funny!!

Here's my brother Jordi (Get it, Jordi? I guess you have to be a Star Trek fan!)

Here's Tiffany sporting her princess rings that came off the cupcakes. Gee Tiff, is that how many cupcakes you ate??!!

Noah's Paintballing B-day Party

Noah really just wanted to take his friends and cousins, (uncles too) paintballing for his birthday. So we had the boys spend the night the night before so they could leave early to go paintballing. We made sure they all had matching bandanas. They had fun. The paintballing part got old fast so they played capture the flag and just ran around. They loved it!

Family Pictures

These are some more pictures taken after my grandma's funeral. It was the first time in about 5 years that my dad had all his kids together. We were only missing my step brother Paul and his family and Tiffany's husband, Keyth.
Grandpa with most of his grandchildren. I think Bethie had left before we took pictures.
Daddy's Girls!! Me and all my sisters!! Tiffany, Stephanie, Me, and little Carrie.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Support System

At the time of my grandmother's death, we recieved alot of family support and grandma would be so upset at me if I hadn't used it as a Photo Op. So here are some pictures of our family who supported us through the rough times.

My sister Tiffany, with our cousin Monique.
My Mom and Glen with all their grandchildren.
Mom and Glen with Me, Tiffany and Jeremy.

Uncle Jeremy with all his nieces.

Here are some pictures from the hospital waiting room while we waited for news about grandma. These are just some of the people that came to lend their support.

Mike and Mary Godbehere.
Aunt Marion and a relative of hers.
Josh Hogg (my cousin) and his wife Kathrine.

Brenda and Sonja Hogg (Grandpa's nieces) and my Uncle Danny.

Aunt Dori and my mom.

Grandpa and my cousin Kim (Hey Kim, I didn't realize how well you and grandpa matched shirts!!)


Here's some random pictures of Kassi that I have taken in the past 6 months or so.

Kassi with her hair straightened. It didn't last too long, but she loved it!!

Here's some pics of Mike doing Kassi's hair with the leaf blower!

I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of Kassi since she's been in preschool. So here's a picture of her on her first day of preschool with her giraffe backpack. There's also some pictures from a few of her field trips. They went to the stuffington bear factory and to the county fair. Just to name a few.

Above is a picture of Kassi and her two preschool friends, Violet and Arlynn at the Stuffington Bear Factory. Below is her on a ride at the county fair with Arlyn.

Ruth's Visit

My friend, Ruth, visited us from El Paso, back in March. Her 4 kids and mine have always been the best of friends. We had a picnic at the park and invited all our friends to come and see Ruth and the kids. We had a blast. We spent alot of time at our house so the kids could play together. The girls had a blast playing dress up. So I took pictures of Lainey and Kassi and Jessi and Ryleigh. The girls loved playing together.

I think Jessi and Ryleigh looked like a couple of garden nymphs!!
Ruth and I spent some time stamping some cards and just having fun. I was so glad they were able to come and visit!!