Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Have you been waiting on pins and needles for me to finally post? Have you been refreshing your page every five minutes hoping something would change? Has the tension been driving you crazy? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you know how I've been feeling for the past 6 weeks waiting for the agent to get back to me. And after 6 whole weeks of being completely stressed I can finally say..........I still know NOTHING!! I've been putting off posting because I really wanted to be able to tell you something about it, but I can't put off posting anymore! So here is our past month and a half in cliff notes version:

I finished the fall semester of school getting A's in both of my classes. Sammi and Noah got on the honor roll at their school. The week before Christmas, Mike's grandpa Swain passed away. So throwing everything to the wind, we took an extremely quick trip to Colorado so he could be buried next to Grandma Swain.
The kids had a good time playing in the snow.

It was really great to see Mike's Uncle Spike and his cousin, Kyle.
Meanwhile, my mom and Glen, Sean, and Ryan, Wyatt, and Jason, Tiffany, Keyth and Annabella were all at my house partying without us! What compassion! LOL! We got back on Christmas Eve and were still able to visit with everyone. It was really great having everyone together. We got a Wii and Rock Band for Christmas. The whole family got their groove on!!

My sister Stephanie came for Christmas too with her two boys. My dad had all his children together so we took a huge family picture complete with Grandpa in it too!

Dad had all his grandchildren all together for the first time....EVER! So we took lots of pictures, Grandma would be so proud.

Look how many kids my dad has!! This isn't all my bros though, on my mom's side I have 4 more half brothers! So after the excitement of the holidays, things are finally getting back to normal...kind of!! School started again for the kids and I. We built a new room onto the back of our house. A friend of mine, Jennie Mercer, moved in with us for awhile. Sammi got a homework award at school. Mike has lost about 10 pounds since Christmas. After sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, and pink eye (that was just Mike and I!) we are all finally healthy and feeling good. I'll try to be better about updating now! (I say that everytime, don't I?) Thanks for bearing with me!