Monday, September 29, 2008

The Perfect Day

Have you ever noticed that perfect days are filled with many imperfections? I'm so grateful for the many perfect days I've had lately and I just want to share one such day with you. Yesterday was one of those perfect days where I can't help but see what I have and be extremely thankful. In the morning I tried to get everyone ready for church. I sat Jessi down to do her hair amongst her several protests that she didn't want this or that. To which I responded, "I'm the mom, I'll do whatever I want!" --imperfect moment in my perfect day.

After church, if Mike doesn't have a meeting afterwards we always race him home (He goes to church 2 hrs early for meetings so we have two vehicles there.) As we all walked out of the church doors I counted quietly to the kids, "1, 2, 3 GO!!" We ran across the parking lot, (in my heels no less) in a hurry to pile in the car. Driving like I mad woman, I still didn't get out of the parking lot faster than Mike. But after a few lucky lane changes (responsibly done of course), we were finally in the lead. We pulled into the drive way seconds before Mike did and the kids ran to the front door, (because the race is to see who can get there faster). I look over at Mike who bailed out of his truck as fast as he could, only to see his truck slowly rolling backwards out of the driveway. The look on his face when he realized what happened was soooo funny. He ran back to the truck and jumped in and stopped it. We were both laughing so hard! The laughter on his face at that moment is something I don't think I will ever forget and it made my heart swell. --imperfect moment in my perfect day.

Later that evening we went to my sister in law's house to celebrate my father in law's birthday. Most all the family the was there crowding the house to near maximum capicity. When it came time to sing happy birthday my husband tried his darndest to sing out of key, he succeeded. His brother, Matt, then began howling along with him. My mother in law (who is still fighting off cancer) was laughing as only a mother of 4 boys and 2 girls can do. The joy on her face the faces of all there made my heart grow even more. --imperfect moment in my perfect day.

I just want to say thank you to all the people in my life that make my perfect days possible!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My letter to Stephenie Meyer

Do you ever dream about what you would say to someone famous if you could talk to them? No? Ok, forget I said anything! Just kidding. I think about it all the time. Then I found Stephenie Meyer's (The author of the Twilight Saga) myspace account. There is a place where you can send her a message. I'm pretty sure she doesn't check it so I had myself some fun. Here's the email I sent her:

Subject: You're not going to read this I can write whatever I want!

Ha!! It worked you're reading it aren't you, couldn't stop yourself from seeing what demented person is writing you this time! You're kind of morbid that way aren't you? Well I am a writer. And I need GUIDANCE!! I'm also a stay at home mother of 4 children. For some insane reason, I thought that since all my kids are now in school all day that I would add going back to college on my things to do this semester. Along with writing my second draft to the first book I wrote. Why would I possibly think I have the time for all this stuff?? So here's the thing, I'm taking a writing class and we need to do a profile on an author, I'm choosing to do my report on you. I'm fascinated with how you became a writer. There are a few questions I can't find the answers too for my report:

1) What are some of your writing habits? For example, do you revise in the morning and write new drafts in the afternoon? Etc.
2)Who, besides other writers, influence your writing? (husband, teacher, parent, etc.)
3) Is there anything about your background that has significantly impacted your writing?

You know that if you don't write back I'm going to have to make something up like...She writes while standing on her head and flossing her teeth. Or maybe...Her background as a vampire helped to contribute to her vivid details. Ok, so I wouldn't do that. But it is tempting.
While I'm venting let's talk about what other authors never tell you. How come the writer is so much more in the dark about the end of a story than the reader is? I am in constant suspense of what is going to happen next in my story...and it's the SECOND DRAFT!! You would think after writing the whole thing the first time I would know the outcome. NNNOOOOO!! The whole story is changing on me and I just want to scream!! Now don't get me wrong, I love the process of writing and all the twists and turns, it's like the ultimate choose your own adventure book!

My book is going to be the next big thing you know? At least that's what everyone whose read it tells me. Talk about PRESSURE!! My husband is looking at what you have made on some of your book deals and he's already started drawing up the plans for the house he wants to build!! How can I write with those kinds of expectations?? My kids have already taken orders at school for kids and teachers that want to buy my book!! How crazy is that?!! How do you write knowing there is so many expectations?? (Sorry phone just rang, why is it that when a conversation starts with the person on the other line saying, "Don't hang up" That's the first thing we do?")

Well as long as I'm teacher said we could bring an author to our class for our report instead. Since I go to Glendale Community College, I could just take you with me. We'll disguise you, you could be Gertrude a swedish foriegn exchange student. Talk about a good grade!!
If you actually read this I'm not sure if I will be mortified or ecstatic, but it would be fun to find out!!
Thanks a bunch!!
Nikki Wilson

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Kittens!!

I can't remember how many times I have heard Mike say that we would NEVER have a cat. Yet somehow, our daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers, and now we not only have one, but two kittens. The white one is Jessi's cat and she named him Tiger. The grey one is Sammi's and she named him Smokey. Those kittens are already so spoiled, the girls are so happy with their new pets! I must have about 40 pictures of these kittens, so here are just a few.

Magic Mountain

The first weekend in August, we went to CA to visit Grammy and Grandpa Stello. While we were there we took the kids to Magic Mountain for the first time. They had a blast. Some of the rides were a little too much for them, but we had fun in the kiddy land too. We rode alot of the water rides, since they were more kid friendly. We took all the kids except Kassi, on Colossus. Jessi was scared to death of any ride after that. The only thing I could get her to ride was Gold Rusher. Kassi was too small for alot of the rides which made it hard, but we still managed to have a good time. Grandpa Stello came with us too and rode the rides too. My brothers Sean, and Ryan came with some friends, but we didn't see them much! We had such fun as a family!

Family Trip to the Lake

In July we took the family to Lake Pleasant for a Sat. Mike's parents and his brother, Scott and his wife Tausha came with their kids too. We took the canoe out and everyone had such a great time. Especially Spike, our dog, who loved the water. Course he swam behind the canoe wherever it would go. Until Mike finally had pity on him and let him in!!

We BBQ'd some hot dogs, drank lots of gatorade and water, and we even took a turn or two on the tube behind the motor boat. It was a great way to celebrate summer!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to Catch Up

I'm using my morning writing time to catch you all up on what's been going on in our family the past month. I haven't posted sooner because I always feel guilty when I post without pictures. Especially when I know I have a lot of pictures I want to put on here. So the kids started school in Aug, and so did I. So it's been a rather busy month. Kassi started a week sooner than the other kids because I have her going to the school closest to us. The other kids started Aug. 11th. They go to the same Charter school they've been going to for the past few years. I just didn't Kassi to have to deal with the long bus ride her first year in school. I started school the end of the month. It's been an eye opener to me. I didn't realize how much guilt I could feel just being away from the house and mostly unreachable, during classes. My first day of school, I'm in my first class for fifteen minutes when my phone vibrates in my pocket. I look at it and realized it was Kassi's school, but I couldn't answer it. So I try my best not to picture her bleeding to death in the nurses office and continue to listen to my new teacher. She let class out an hour later (way early, since that is my two and half hour class). I immediately checked my messages and my blood ran cold as I heard the message from the school. "Your child has been marked absent please call us back to verify." I took her to school of course and logically I knew it was probably just an error, but I couldn't stop my mind from going "there". What if she's really missing? What if I answered my phone an hour earlier? All these questions were going through my mind as I called the school and waited while they talked to the teacher and verified that Kassi was indeed in class. It just figures that something like this would happen on my first day of school. Aside from that incident though, school has been great. I'm taking Anthropology and a Writing class. They are both fun and really interesting classes. I'm enjoying myself immensely.

Mike's mother, Marilyn, had surgery Aug. 29th on her colon cancer. When they went in they found that the Chemo and Radiation and reduced the mass to almost nothing. There wasn't much left for the doctor to remove. She will still have to endure more Chemo and Radiation soon, but so far she appears to be successfully treated. I talked to her after she got home from the hospital after about four or five days there; she tried to apologize for not asking me how school was going sooner!! The lady has got to be a saint!! It's a good thing we're not going to lose her anytime soon!

Sammi turned twelve Sept. 3rd. I can't believe how big she is getting. Jessi turns 9 next week. My babies keep growing up without my permission!

Well that's all the morning writing time I have for today, so I will try to update sooner next time.