Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 10 Ways Moms are like Rockstars!!

I felt silly and decided to write the top ten ways moms are like rockstars! So laugh along with me.
10. As soon as they are spotted, they get no peace.
9. They hear their name chanted incessantly on a daily basis.
8. They often deal with loss of voice due to overuse.
7. Often they have the same set of groupies following them around. (I can't get rid of mine, no matter what I do!)
6. Their most adoring fans usually want something from them. ("Mom, I love you so much...can I have the car keys?)
5. Hectic schedules interfere with regular eating habits. ( I am typing this between bites of a sandwich that is actually my breakfast that I am eating at 11am)
4. Some people mistakenly think they have unlimited supplies of money. ("But mom, it's only $20!")
3. They often have get encore requests. ("Mom, I forgot my lunch/homework/important project please bring it to the school.")
2. Their clothing choices are sometimes questioned. ("Are you really going to wear that in public?")
1. Their autographs are in great demand, especially at the most inopportune times. ("Mom, you have to sign my report card/daily behavior sheet/test grade/homework before school in 5 minutes!!")
That was fun! Do you have any you would like to add? Feel free to put them in the comments!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Wilsons are Still Alive!!

I bet you were wondering if we still lived or not! We are here! But while I was working for Uhaul I didn't really want to be around the computer when I was off, so I didn't blog. Sorry about that. But now that I quit my job, I should have more time for blogging...but don't quote me on that. Time for catching up.
The kids started a new school this year. They attend Oasis Elementary in the Peoria School District. It's nice having them all at one school. It's been working out really well since my Dad and Bonnie live really close to the school. Bonnie picked up the kids for me after school when I was working. She is a real life saver! (Thank you Grandma Bonnie!!) The kids loved going over there to swim after school. They love their new school. Sammi and Noah are both in band for the first time. They both play the trumpet, which makes for a loud house.
Sammi and Jessi both had birthdays in September. Sammi turned 13 and Jessi turned 10. We had big party at home with family and some of their friends.

Skipping to Halloween. The kids got to dress up as their favorite characters at school. Noah dressed like James Bond, Kassi dressed like the Little Mermaid in her wedding dress. Noah got real upset when he realized he looked like Kassi's groom!!

Sammi dressed up as 50's girl in a poodle skirt. Jessi was a vampiress with special vampire dentures. We had to make a special mold for her teeth so they would fit. They looked quite realistic.

These are pictures I took this morning to show their new haircuts that I did yesterday. Sammi and Jessi wanted more grown up hair styles

After I styled Jessi's hair this morning she thought she looked like Alice Cullen from "Twilight"

Kassi thought her bangs look alot like her favorite princess Sleeping Beauty. Whatever makes them happy right?