Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stephanie's Wedding

This weekend, my dad and I flew out to Louisiana to attend my sister, Stephanie's wedding. It was beyond description, and well worth the trip. It seemed like after my dad divorced Stephanie's mom, that was just the end of seeing the other side of that family. I think that I can count on one hand how many times I have seen Stephanie since then. Plus, I had a step-brother that I never got to see or talk to again either. I was in my early teens and didn't really make an effort to keep up the relations, and didn't know how to go about it anyway. But going to the wedding, it was like no time had passed at all. We felt like family again. I got to see Paul, my step-brother, his wife, Tania, and their kids, Katie,3 1/2, and Cameron almost 2. I also got to meet Stephanie's two boys, Caleb, 3, Zachary, 14mo., and Nick's son, Kaleb 5 or 6 I think. Phyllis was so happy to see us, and we got to see Aunt Gail, and Phyllis's brothers too. Tiffany, Keyth, and Annabella were able to drive out from Georgia, to come as well. Course I think I'm getting sick of seeing her! Just kidding, she was a big help to me at the wedding. I was the photographer, but ended up needing to fix some hair right before the wedding, so Tiffany took the groom and groomsmen out for pictures. From then on, we took turns taking the pictures, and they ended up looking pretty good. I think my dad really enjoyed playing with all his grandkids that were there. Annabella was really jealous though, and started crying, "Gampa, mine, Gampa!" At the reception, little Katie told her dad that she wanted "that man" to sit by her, and pointed to my dad across the room. Then she looked at me and said quite proudly, "That's my grandpa!" It was soooo sweet. There were a couple more heart warming and tear felt moments when they did the Daddy-Daughter dance, and then when dad gave a toast with Phyllis and talked about how proud they were of their daughter. It was definately a trip I'm not likely to forget anytime soon, and one I will cherish. I am looking forward to keeping up with the family there now.

Family Pictures

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And the winner is...

Last month, my kids entered a contest at Red Robin Restaurant, to create a new gourmet burger. The kids had to fill out a form with a list of ingredients and how they would make thier burger. Jessi got a notice in the mail yesterday, that she was the winner of the local restaurant that she turned it into. I don't know if her recipe will go on to the national competition or not, but we were so excited for her. She got a certificate and a $50 gift card to Red Robin. She took us out to dinner last night to celebrate. I didn't make a copy of her recipe before we turned it in, but we think we remembered what her recipe was, so if you dare, here is "Jessi's Specialty Burger":
1 hamburger bun - lightly toasted
1 hamburger patty
2 fried eggs
secret sauce - mayo, ketchup, chopped onions & pickles, and bacon bits

Thursday, October 11, 2007

4 kids and a dental office

Those of you with kids are thinking, "4 kids and a dental office? Enough said!" Which is true, but I must tell you of my misadventure. Having finally gotten dental insurance that is actually worth a dang, I proceeded to make apppointments for my perfect children. I could only get two in at a time, so I started with the 2 oldest children. It happened to be a day when school was out, which seemed like a good idea at the time. So I loaded up all 4 kids in the car, complete with one toy each to keep them occupied in the waiting room. I really had thought this through, and some how, even with 11 years experience, I thought everything would be fine, afterall, my kids are older now right? Wrong!! So we walk in and of course the first thing I have to do is fill out paper work. I take a corner in the huge waiting room and fill it with me and my kids. "Just play quietly" I say as I hunker down to fill out the Magna Carta of Dental documents. It goes ok for about 10 minutes (ok, meaning they have only been loud enough to wake one or two dead people, which as a mom with 4 kids is somehow acceptable to me), then Noah gets called in for his appointment first. I finally finish the documents and take them up to the front, then Sammi gets called in as well. I find the water machine and those cone shaped cups and take a drink to the remaining two kids to share. This is of course where I went wrong. Cuz no sooner was the cup out of my hand, then the two girls started to fight over who got a drink first and how the other person was going to drink it all. To which I gestured to the water machine, on the other side of the waiting room, and told them there was plenty of water, they could just go and get more (mistake #2). After my announcement, I had to turn my attention to Sammi who had come back out to tell me that she had to take out her earrings for the x-ray, "but mom, they told me I couldn't take them out for 6 weeks, my ear ring holes will close up" to which her eyes start to brim with tears, of course my sympathetic mom response was "Oh for crying out loud, they won't close up, come here we'll take them off for a minute, it will be fine" Little did I know that the reason you can't take them out for 6 weeks, is because they won't come out, no matter what you do. As I pulled, pried, and twisted, Sammi's tears turned to full fledged tears right in the waiting room. Realizing that this wasn't working, I decided to take her into the bathroom to look in the mirror so that she can take them out herself, and hopefully it wouldn't hurt as much. I left the other 2 girls in the waiting room after telling them to stay right there, that I would be right back. After about 2 minutes in the bathroom I knew there was no way we were getting those earrings out short of ripping them out, so I told the x-ray tech that they wouldn't come out, could she do the appointment without x-rays, to which the girl told me she would just do the x-rays with the earrings in, it was no big deal. To which I'm thinking, then why did I just spend 10 minutes trying to get them out? So I finally return to the waiting room to find my other two girls racing across the room to the water machine fighting over who would get to fill up the cup this time. The waiting room is of course filled with parents watching my kids zip around the waiting room like wild indians. What I wanted to do was grab each girl by the ear and pull them to the other side of the room and yell at the top of my lungs at them. But of course there were too many witnesses, so I settled for a whispered, but threatening, "get in your seats now!" They went to thier seats but obviously didn't realize that I was seething because they continued to argue. I was distracted from my seething to fill out more paper work, some for me and Mike so that we could make appointments as well. While I'm filling out even more paper work. Jessi decides to start throwing her teddy bear into the air and catching it, while Kassi decided to jump up around to try to catch it first, which was of course an exercise in futility. I tried to ignore them and finish filling out the papers because in my mind they were in for it when we got home. Finally, Noah and Sammi finished their appointments and of course I was told that my though my kids brush their teeth, they are not doing it right. Because they had plaque in places there shouldn't be any. So the dentist gave all my kids a demonstration on how to brush correctly. I went to the front desk to make the appointments for Mike and I and I told the kids to get in the car, I would be right there. I was watching them from the window and saw that they left the doors open so it wouldn't be too hot which was fine. The lady at the desk took forever to make me the appointments as she had to make profiles on the computer for both of us. I was getting worried, so I kept watching the kids in the car and they seemed fine. Just as I was finally able to leave. Sammi and Jessi come crashing through the door "Mom we're so hot and you left us all alone for so long!" Which of course every head in the waiting room turns to look at the terrible mom that would do such a thing. So after 2 hours in that office, I put on my best fake smile and walked out the door. "Get in the car and don't talk to me" I say through clenched teeth, which only grants me silence for about 2 seconds. I ignore the complaints and whining until everyone is in the car and the doors are safely shut, then I explode. I promptly tell them that they are all grounded from the T.V. for a week. They finally realize I'm seriously mad and I thought that meant they would be smart and keep quiet, but of course not. The first thing out of Sammi's mouth is, "does that include the computer?" I'm shocked at her stupidity and answer, "it does now, do you really want to keep talking?" I finally got my silence all the way home where I promptly put myself in time out in my bedroom to cool down. Then I get a phone call from Tiffany because we were going to my dad's house for dinner that night, and she was letting us know that they would be swimming. Well, I already told my kids that their punishment was no t.v., but I couldn't just let them have fun now, so my husband came up with a solution. When he got home he calmly announced that they could swim at grandpa's house if they recieved a spanking now. I was sure no one would want one, but to my surprise, they all lined up for their spankings. It went oldest to youngest, when Sammi came out sobbing, I decided I was going to show no sympathy and told her to go to her room to cry to which she replied, "it's not that, it's just that I forgot what a spanking felt like." After I started laughing she stopped crying. Soon we went to grandpa's house for dinner and swimming. Of course knowing the story, Grandma Bonnie said to Jessi "I bet you're never going to act like that again at the dentist, huh?" To which my 8 year old replied "Oh come on, it was 2 hours what do you expect?"

Is it any wonder that when it was time to take the other 2 to the dentist, that I forgot all about it and now have to wait another month to get in again?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Zoo

Kassi and I went to the Phoenix Zoo with Grandma & Grandpa Hogg, Carrie, Jordan, Aunt Tiffany, and Annabella. We had so much fun looking at all the animals! Plus the kids got to play in the water at the splash pad at the zoo. It was nice to be able to spend more time with Tiffany and Annabella before they had to leave.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jessi's Baptism

Jessi turned 8 this eight year, which of course means she was able to be baptized. She looked so beautiful in her white dress. Her daddy baptized her, and her Uncle Jason confirmed her. I also have to make special mention of her dress that Uncle Jason picked out for her (since I had forgotten about getting her a dress, and all the places to get baptism dresses are in Mesa, by where he lives) he did a great job getting one that was definately her taste. She was so excited to be baptized, we are so proud of her decision.

After the baptism, we invited family and friends to our house for a birthday party and lunch. It was such fun and we want to thank everyone that was able to come and help make it such a special day. Tiffany and Annabella were in town too. It was nice to see them while they were here. (There, that ought to teach my father in law to stick his tongue out at me!!)

Tiffany and I were able to work on some family history, including doing a couple of interviews with older family members. It was so much fun. Mike agreed to babysit the kids for us one night while we went to do an interview. As you can probably tell from the picture, this is Mike's idea of babysitting!! Not really, Annabella just thought the kennel was so much fun to play in, one time spike crawled in there with her! We had so much fun visiting with Annabella and Tiffany and were especially grateful that they could be here for Jessi's baptism!