Sunday, April 27, 2008

A little bit of Info about Mormons!!

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. Sometimes known as the mormons. One needed only to see stuff that was said about our church when Romney was running in the political race to know that it is out there. All the stuff that was said, really bothered me and I wanted to write a post on my blog then, but I didn't because I'm always afraid of offending anyone. But I'm learning that people are going to be offended no matter what I do. Predjudices start because of ignorance and the cure for ignorance is education. So I am going to educate my family and friends a little in my religion. The first thing I want everyone to notice is that in the name of our church you will find that Jesus Christ is part of it. We DO believe in Christ! We believe that he was born of the virgin, Mary, that he ministered to the people, that he died on the cross and that he was resurrected. To me, that means that we ARE Christians. We strive to follow his example set forth in the bible. We also believe that after Christ ascended back into heaven and his apostles were killed, that the true church was taken from the earth. We believe that in the 1800's, a boy 14 years of age, was trying to decide what church to join. That boy was Joseph Smith and his family was split between two churches and he didn't know which one was right. He was reading the bible and came across a scripture in James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." So he decided to pray about it. He went into the woods by his home and knelt down in prayer. First he felt such a darkness about him and just when he was going to give up, he saw a light in front of him. Soon two personages were before him. One pointed to the other and said, "This is my beloved Son, hear him." Joseph was told that none of the churches had the full truthfulness and that he was to join none of them. To make a very long story short, over several years, Joseph was visited by angels and whisperings of the spirit to help to restore the fulness of Christ's gospel back to the earth. I know this sounds crazy and strange, but I believe that God can perform miracles. And if he can perform miracles then why not the miracle of establishing his church on the earth again, with prophets, and temples, etc. Why not have angels come down and pass on the power and authority that Christ had when he was on the earth? Why not show himself to a 14 year old boy who was of no threat to anyone, who was not learned, and who had the faith to ask a simple question? Now I ask you to think that if what I'm saying is true, how would Satan react to this? Would he let this church form without putting up a fight? Would he not suffer the church to be persecuted, like the church of old, like Christ was, like his apostles were? Would he not try to get this boy to take back everything he said, by putting it into the hearts of others to torture him several times, including having him tarred and feathered? Would he not put it into the hearts of people to exterminate the Mormons? And would he not have malicious rumors spread all over the earth about this church so that none would even listen to a word they had to say? I'm here to tell you he would!! But God is mightier than Satan, and his church was still established despite these oppositions. And people do listen to the gospel all over the world. I am not expecting everyone to go out and join my church, because I believe in the freedom of choice. What I do expect is the benefit of the doubt. What I am saying could be true. You can't disprove it. I also ask that if any of you have heard stuff about my religion that you don't understand, PLEASE ask me about it. PLEASE don't believe every rumor you hear. If you want to know something, ask me. I can live with any of you disagreeing with what I believe, but I can't live with you judging my religion on false information. Please allow me to put things straight. Here is a link to a website called this also can help to answer questions you may have about my church. PLEASE, PLEASE come to me with any questions you may have. I love all my friends and family and I just want to educate you not convert you (unless you ask.) Thank You!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More thoughts on Grandma Jeanie

I am speaking at the services that will be held for my grandmother today. Here is what I'm saying.

Grandma Jeanie
I’m Jeanie Hogg’s granddaughter, Nikki Wilson, and I get to tell you what it’s like being her grandchild. Going to grandma’s house was always a great adventure. There was always so much to look forward to. For our first evening at grandma’s house we usually had Little Ceaser’s Pizza for dinner. And we were allowed to eat as much as we wanted. Then after we were feeling quite fat and happy for awhile she would say, “How does root beer floats sound?” We would get all excited and grandpa would say, “But Jeanie, we don’t have the stuff for root beer floats.” And she would tell him, “But you can go get some Wayne.” And he would say, “Yes I can.” And he would get his shoes on and go to the store and we would get root beer floats and Stephanie remembers sitting at the white bar stools waiting patiently. At bedtime we knew that most likely we would get to sleep in grandma’s bed, or if all the grandchildren where there at once, she squeezed all 7 of us on one air mattress. Somehow she made that seem like the best sleeping arrangements ever. She would pile us all on the air mattress then sit on a chair and tell us stories about when she was a little girl. Mostly she talked about her family and how much fun her brother and sisters would have with all their cousins. She would tell us how important family is and that we should help each other. Then she would have us lay down on the mattress facing one direction and we would scratch each other’s backs. Tiffany remembers that sometimes grandma would sit in the other room watching the news while we did this. But soon we would hear her call out from the living room. “Switch!” and we would turn around and scratch some more. It’s not until now that I realize she was teaching us an important lesson about serving each other, and the benefits that are in it for each of us.
Grandma knew each of her grandchildren well and knew exactly what we looked forward to when we went to her house. I loved a cup of apple juice in the morning with grandpa. So whenever I came to visit there was apple juice in the fridge, even last November when I visited her in Cordes Lakes. Beth remembers that whenever she came over, grandma had Sunny D and hot dogs with saur kraut. Josh and Crystal remember the ice cream because they weren’t allowed to have ice cream at home. Jeremy always ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup at grandma’s house. Kim remembers making the cream of wheat to eat with Grandma and she loved picking out a nightgown from grandma’s pajama drawer.
Grandma was big on education. She would encourage us to do well at school and to strive to go to college. Kimberly, Daniel and Evan remembers grandma reading books to all the grandchildren. She worked at Glendale Community College for a long time. Recently I wrote an essay for a scholarship I applied for and the essay title was, “How a GCC staff or faculty member empowered me to succeed and continue my education.” I of course knew this would be a no brainer for me and wrote it all about my grandmother. I took it to her at the hospital two weeks ago to let her read it. She told me how much she loved it and how proud she was of me. Then she told me to double space it and not to use abbreviations. Grandma was very forgiving in a lot of areas of her life, but grammar and punctuation wasn’t one of them.
If we thought grandma loved being a grandmother, we soon found out that she loved being a great grandma just as much. As soon as the great grandchildren, and more grandchildren, started rolling in, grandma was in seventh heaven. She always bragged at how good she was at getting any of the screaming babies to fall asleep. We always teased her that it wasn’t skill that her perfume acted like a sleeping gas. She would just laugh and say she had the touch. When my oldest child, Samantha, was able to talk, she got confused by all her grandparents and had a hard time keeping grandma and grandpa Hogg separate from great grandma & grandpa Hogg. So grandma told Sammi she could call her Grandma Jeanie. Sammi did as she asked but she figured that if grandma was grandma Jeanie then grandpa must be grandpa Jeanie. I was a little embarrassed when I first realized what she was calling him, until grandma started to laugh really hard, and said, “no it’s ok, you don’t mind do you Wayne?” Grandpa just shrugged and said, “It don’t matter to me.” So Grandma & Grandpa Jeanie stuck. Soon there were more and more grandchildren and great grandchildren to keep track of she did a good job of making us each feel important and special. Justin remember sitting on grandma’s lap just talking to her and then giving her hugs and kisses. When I asked my kids what they remember most about grandma Jeanie there was a variety of answers which included her hugs, how she never worried about herself, how she was always there for us when we were going through hard times, their trips to the boutique store, and they all said they will miss grandma saying, “Wayne!” cuz it usually meant she was sending him for Happy Meals.

Grandma was all about family. One needed only see the time she spent organizing the Godbehere Family Reunion every year to know this is true . She always took great pains to make sure the reunion letter was perfect and that no one was left out. The yearly reunion meant so much to her, and when any of us told her it was too much work for her she would just sigh at the fact that we didn’t understand and continue planning it. Every year people would continue to show up. This year grandma let me and my husband arrive early to set up and organize everything since she wasn’t feeling too well. As everyone showed up the first thing people noticed was that Jeanie wasn’t there yet. Everyone looked as lost as I felt without her there to shout out directions. I know now that she was just preparing us all to carry on the reunion without her and we will. My grandmother spent her life trying to keep her family close. This past week our whole family has benefited from the fruits of her labor. Because when it comes down to it, we are a strong close knit family thanks to grandma. Without all her hard work, our support system wouldn't be so extensive. She knew this she saw what the rest of us are sometimes too blind to see. So thank you grandma for knowing how much we really need family and for making ours strong enough to with stand anything even missing you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Funeral Arrangements for Jeanie Hogg

The viewing will be this Fri. April 18th from 5-8pm will be the viewing. The sevices will be held Sat. April 19th at 3 pm. Both will be at the Chapel of the Chimes on 59th Ave & Northern. The enternment will follow at Resthaven Cemetary. Thanks for all your continued love and support to our family. We will be doing a small meal afterwards. Anyone that would like to help with the meal please e-mail me at

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From Grandma

When I am emotional or upset or nervous, I write. Words pop into my head. I used to ignore them but it would take alot longer to get over the emotions if I did. So now I write them down and get them out. Please bear with me as I reminise about my grandmother and write some of my feelings down. I wrote this little list today.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Grandma
1. Rootbeer Floats are one of the basic food groups
2. NEVER sit on a public toilet without a seat cover or toilet paper on the seat.
3. A grandmother's bed can always hold one more.
4. Dangerous objects for children include, but are not limited to: lollipops, toothbrushes, and afghans.
5. Paradise can be found anywhere even an old barn shaped house in Mountainaire, AZ.
6. ALWAYS count the hard boiled eggs you hide inside the house at easter time. The consequences could be foul.
7. Grandkids are not spoiled, they are loved alot.
8. If you find yourself or a family member in an embarrassing situation... be sure to take a picture.
9. Always look your best, going to the hospital for surgery is no exception.
10. When you are sad or depressed, it's time to go shoe shopping.
11. Thin Mint girl scout cookies taste best straight from the freezer when grandma's not looking.
12. The most important thing I've learned from grandma is that an imperfect family can still find perfect love.

My grandmother spent her life trying to keep her family close. This past weekend our whole family has benefited from the fruits of her labor. Because when it comes down to it, we are a strong close knit family thanks to grandma. Without all her hard work, our support system wouldn't be so extensive. She knew this, she saw what the rest of us were sometimes too blind to see. So thank you grandma for knowing how much we really need family, and for making ours strong enough to with stand anything.

If there is anyone in the family that would like to add something they learned from grandma, I would really love to hear it. Post a comment and if you don't have a blog just the click the circle next to the annonymous option and be sure to write your name in the post!! I can't wait to hear everyone else's lessons from grandma, thank you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Grandmother

Today, Sat. April 12, 2008 my grandmother, Jeanie Hogg, left this earth. She was in the hospital for the past week while the doctors tried to correct her breathing problems, but she was in no apparant danger. Late Thurs. night she stopped breathing and they put her on a ventilator and other machines. She had been in the critical care unit since Thurs night. Family rushed out to be with her on Fri and Sat where we took turns sitting by her side as she was sedated. At about 6:50pm tonight she coded. Family gathered at the hospital where we were able to say our last goodbyes and support each other. We are extremely grateful to all the family and friends who have lent their support and prayers. This is a trying time for our family we were really close to her as she was the glue that held us all together...TIGHTLY. She will be missed greatly. Thank you for your continued love and support. I will post further information about the services as plans are finalized.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Price Of Education

While going back to college seems like a valiant endeavor, I have reality to thank for bringing me back to earth. The price of a college credit has doubled since I have graced the walls of such an institution. So I am doing what every poor, broke, college student should do, applying for every scholarship imaginable!! I have written an essay for one of the scholarships I am trying for. Since the essay is mostly about my grandmother I have decided to post it on my blog so I may preserve it for my posterity.

GCC Employees 40th Anniversary Scholarhip

“How a staff or faculty member at GCC empowered me
to succeed and continue with my educational goals.”

When I was a little girl, I used to visit my grandmother every summer. She worked at GCC as a secretary for many years. Every once in a while, she would have to go by her office on a weekend to pick something up or finish a project. She would let me tag along with her, and I would bring something to keep me busy. I remember that one time, I brought paper and I wrote a story for my cousin that was in the hospital. While Grandma worked around her office to finish something up, I drew pictures to go with the story and made it into a story book. Grandma was impressed with my efforts then she said, “Someday you can come to a college just like this one so you can become a famous author.” I told her I wanted to be lawyer, and she told me I could be whatever I wanted if I was willing to get the education for it. I asked if she would still be here, because I would love to go to school with grandma. She laughed and told me that by then I wouldn’t want my grandma at school with me. I of course, didn’t believe her, but the first seeds were sown in my early life for an education. I learned that with a college education, I could do anything.
In my last years of high school in CA, I realized that I wasn’t ready to go right into a four year college. My thoughts soon turned to going to a community college, and I immediately thought of GCC where my grandmother was still working. I moved to Glendale, AZ to live with my dad and continue my education at GCC. I got my childhood wish of being able to go to “Grandma’s School” as I had called it growing up. I was amazed as I started school, how many students would stop by to talk to my grandmother. They would tell me how helpful she was to them in getting the information they needed, or in guiding them to get help. I could tell that she was an inspiration to more than just me. Grandma introduced me to other staff and faculty at the school. Everyone who worked there was committed to helping students achieve their educational goals. It didn’t matter if that student was Jeanie Hogg’s granddaughter or not. There was a oneness about them all, as they would ask a passing student they knew, how the semester was going. I worked in the copy room during evening classes one semester, and every teacher that needed something done would always take the time to ask about my classes and how I was doing. I quickly learned that my grandmother wasn’t the only adult here that was committed to education, and GCC quickly became like home to me.
When I got married, my grandmother was immediately concerned with my education. She knew how hard it would be to continue my education as I started a family. I knew this would be true, but I also had another example that my grandmother gave me. As a child, she would talk to me about the latest college classes she was taking, I would tell her she was too old to go to school and she told me you are never too old to learn. So as I find myself re-entering college after 11 years, I can find my courage in her words and her example. It is also through her encouragement over the years, to go back to college that I find myself here. I would always protest and tell her it’s been too long, my credits probably don’t count anymore. She would just smile and say, “Well, it won’t hurt to find out.” My grandmother has long since retired from GCC, so I found myself entering the doors of the enrollment center nervous and disoriented. (The new Enrollment Center didn’t used to be there when I went to school all those many years ago.) I signed up to see an academic advisor and soon found myself face to face with someone who really did want to help me and believed that I could accomplish my academic goals. He showed me the same encouragement that I had come to love in my grandmother and the rest of the GCC staff over the years. It was like I had come home again.
As I write this essay, my grandmother lies in the hospital with breathing problems and other ailments that have plagued her throughout the years. I visited her there yesterday, and despite the tubes and the punctuated breathing, I could see through her frailties, and see the strong woman that I want to be. I know that education is one of the many factors that gave this great woman her strength and I want to make her proud. Completing my education and achieving my goals, will make me a woman she can be proud to call her granddaughter. To conclude, my grandmother, Jeanie Hogg, a retired GCC secretary, empowered me to succeed in my education. She planted the seeds of an education in my youth and continues to water and nurture those seeds even from her hospital bed. I will forever be grateful to her and to the rest of the staff and faculty of GCC, no matter the decade, who truly do want the students to succeed.