Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Support System

At the time of my grandmother's death, we recieved alot of family support and grandma would be so upset at me if I hadn't used it as a Photo Op. So here are some pictures of our family who supported us through the rough times.

My sister Tiffany, with our cousin Monique.
My Mom and Glen with all their grandchildren.
Mom and Glen with Me, Tiffany and Jeremy.

Uncle Jeremy with all his nieces.

Here are some pictures from the hospital waiting room while we waited for news about grandma. These are just some of the people that came to lend their support.

Mike and Mary Godbehere.
Aunt Marion and a relative of hers.
Josh Hogg (my cousin) and his wife Kathrine.

Brenda and Sonja Hogg (Grandpa's nieces) and my Uncle Danny.

Aunt Dori and my mom.

Grandpa and my cousin Kim (Hey Kim, I didn't realize how well you and grandpa matched shirts!!)


Kristin said...

The cricumstances are sad but you're right, she would have wanted you to take the pics. They turned out well.

Kristin said...

****oops circumstances*** bad typing

Merrimom said...

Great pictures of your family. It's so great to have wonderful support. I had to look at Kassi again in the hair straight picture. She looks totally different without the curls!