Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kassi's B-Day Party

Kassi turned 5 years old this April. We had a party for her and she was all about the princess stuff!! She got more dress up clothes than I have real clothes I think. Here she is bestowing a royal kiss on Grandpa Jeanie!
She was even in her princess clothes to hit the pinata.

Tiff, here's the picture of Bella hitting the pinata. She is so cute!!

This is my husband's impersonation of Madonna. He thinks he's soooo funny!!

Here's my brother Jordi (Get it, Jordi? I guess you have to be a Star Trek fan!)

Here's Tiffany sporting her princess rings that came off the cupcakes. Gee Tiff, is that how many cupcakes you ate??!!


Kristin said...

Uncle Jeannie looks great! I loves her outfit, I want one too.... The boys look great in their cammo, soooo coordinated.

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

Hey I have you know that I did NOT eat one cupcake. Annabella was just stealin' all the rings!!!

the Jesters Court said...

Sounds like the parties were a lot of fun! I cant believe that Tiff would try to blame Annabella for her cupcake eating. We know it was a stressful time Tiff, its o.k. if you found comfort in cupcakes!!!!