Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family History Library

I met my sister, Tiffany in Utah to go to the Family History Library. We stayed with our cousin Elizabeth for almost a whole week. It was really great to get away from everything and be able to focus on our genealogy. The library was really cool, but I think I was hoping that I could just walk into the library and all my answers would be there. It doesn't quite work that way. So after my reality check, I took a class there about how to search the web. The FHL has their favorite internet links available to copy on a cd and take home. I definately did that and put them on my computers. Those links are really awesome, they said that some of the Family History Centers have them too. So my tip to anyone wanting to do their genealogy, is to copy the FHL links onto your computer. If you live close to me, just call me and I'll come over and put them on your computer for you.

On our last day, we took a short break from the library to look around. We walked through Temple Square. It was really cool. We enjoyed spending time with each other. We had a great week. We especially enjoyed when Reggie, Elizabeth's husband, cooked authentic curry chicken for us. It was great to get away for a bit and just hang out with the girls.


Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

It was great fun. the spirit was so strong I wish that I could make a bed in the back and never leave that place is truely my heaven.

Davis family said...

and you guys survived a week together without killing each other. The old sibling rivalry must be gone now, huh? :)That's great that you were able to spend a whole week doing that. Maybe that is what I should do to get a bigger handle on it.