Thursday, September 13, 2007

August & beginning of September update

Well, as you can tell from my previous posts, we had 2 weddings to attend in August. Both of which were cousins of mine. We also attended the blessings of my niece and nephew (the twins). School started on Aug. 13, the kids were excited and nervous at the same time. Noah got a teacher that he had as a sub last year, when his teacher had a baby. He didn't like the sub last year and it was a constant fight to get him to go to school. But we just made it clear that he had to respect her no matter what, because she was his teacher. I felt good about this because his only complaints were that she was strict and yelled alot, so I just felt that she had different methods that he didn't like. So I was really surprised when we found out that the teacher requested to have Noah in her class this year. My husband said it meant that Noah did what we said and respected her, even though he didn't care for her. But Noah was a little disappointed to see who his teacher was. Again we told him to just worry about his own actions, and make sure to give his teacher respect. It must have worked again because he was chosen as student of the month in his class for August.

Sammi is in the 5th grade and just had her 11th birthday on Sept. 3rd. I can't believe she is 11 years old. Mike and I took her and her best friend Kaylee out to dinner with us, then to the mall. While at the mall we surprised her by getting her ears pierced for her birthday. Then she surprised me by asking if she and Kaylee could go shopping the stores in the mall by themselves. I was shocked, she'd only been 11 for a day and she thought she could off in the mall without an adult??? I don't think I'm going to handle her growing up very well.
Jessi is in the 2nd grade this year, and my focus is to help her with her reading a little bit more. I think if she wanted to be better at reading, she would be, but because it's not something she wants to do, she doesn't even try. It's so frustrating. But she is my creative one, always thinking outside the box. You only have to look at how she likes to dress herself (outside of school) to know that is true. One day she wore a school navy blue skirt, with a green shirt, a pink leopard print vest and my black boots, that went up to her knees. Maybe she'll be a famous fashion designer someday!
I don't have Kassi in preschool this year. I take her to Michael's craft store once a week where they have craft class for kids her age. My sister Carrie, (She's 3 yrs old), somes to the class too, and they have so much fun. Each week, the teacher features a different letter of the alphabet, and they do about 4 or 5 crafts with that letter. Kassi is a constant source of laughter for me. She is always making me smile. We have fun together, and work on writing her name, and practicing to write the alphabet.
Mike is in Las Vegas this week, taking a class for work. He has been busy with work and his church calling lately. He is in charge of the young men in our ward and that includes working with them in scouting activities. Right now he's working with 2 boys to help them achieve their Eagle Rank in Scouts. He's also thinking about getting back to fixing up the house again. We still need to finish the family room, which is quite an eyesore now that the rooms around it are done.
I haven't been up to much lately. I'm back to my coupons and grocery shopping, I need to stock up again since I wasn't home this summer to do my shopping. I am looking forward to a trip I'm going to take in October to Louisiana. My sister, Stephanie, is getting married. Also, my sister Tiffany is coming to visit in a week. I can't wait to see her and my niece, Annabella, again.
Well, that is our family in a nutshell!! We hope you are all doing well, and please be sure to leave a comment so that I may know that you were here.


Davis family said...

Thanks for the update. The kids sound like they are doing great.

Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

Everything is great over there can't wait to see ya'll

Merrimom said...

I feel so out of the loop! Things don't ever slow down, do they? Hope to chat with you soon. Come see my house!