Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

The other day my brother, Wyatt was nice enough to bring over his Guitar Hero 3 game so that I could check it out. But his toughest competition was Kassi. He even had to give her ice cream for "winning". We had lots of fun.

On Halloween we went to my dad's house. Course my dad was gone hunting (he got a deer yesterday, by the way) leaving Bonnie home alone with the 4 kids on Halloween. Daniel had some of his friends come over and all the older kids went trick or treating together, while Bonnie & I took the 3 little ones around. Mike stayed behind at Bonnie's house to hand out candy. I was surprised when we got back to the house the find the big kids were already done. They did 43 houses in the time it took Bonnie and I to do one street. But they all had fun!! It was great! I hope you all had a great Halloween too.

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Tiffany & Annabella said...

Great pictures!!!! Sammi looked good as a vampire!!! She should go on America's next top model, tyra would be impressed by her picture.