Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Blog Family

I LOVE blogging!! How fun is it to be able to put pictures of the kids online for all to see with the funny ancetedotes to go with it. Not only that, but everytime I go to someone else's blog there are links taking me into the lives of other people. It really is like watching alot of reality shows. I find myself laughing with people I don't even know, and celebrating their triumphs and sharing thier grief at thier trials. Pretty soon it feels like these people are family. The cool part is that the family is soooo big. So often you find the blog of a friend that you have lost contact with years ago. It's amazing how your own blog gets around too. I noticed that my blog has been viewed by someone in Germany, and there is one person in Nebraska that looks at my blog on a daily basis! (BTW, say hi sometime, share your blog with me so I can read yours too!!) So if you don't have a blog yet, sign up!! Or at least leave comments and say hi, so you too can become part of the blogging family!! (I'll be updating soon, sorry it's taking me so long.)

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Davis family said...

I am the same way. I love blogging too. Probably too much. I love keeping up on people I don't see too often. Hope you are having a great weekend.