Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Noah's Poem

Noah wrote a poem about the creations of God for a religious emblem he's earning for cub scouts. He showed me the poem then said..."You're not going to put this on the blog are you?" At first I said no, but then I noticed the giddy smile on his face. "Wait? Do you want me to put it on the blog?" "Nooooo" Then he stopped for minute..."Ok I do." LOLOL! So here it is, I think he's excited to see what everyone thinks!

Jesus' Creations
Tom and Bonny the cow
Heard some type of meow
They thought it was a cat
So they looked under the mat
And what do you know, it was a cat
The cat was teaching
The cat was preaching
The cow thought it was swell
He was teaching about Jesus' creations the lesson went well
Jesus made the earth he made us too
He probably said, "That will do"
Then here came us
Because he had trust in us.


Merrimom said...

Excellent Noah! I can see you in my head standing up reciting it proudly for us all.

NancyM said...

Good job, Noah!! He must hang out with Aunt Marian a lot....the poem sounds like one she would write!!!

Jenn Johansson said...

That is great Noah! I love it!