Thursday, February 15, 2007

The kids

It seems like the kids are always doing something which will require me to update my blog. I hope I'll be able to keep it pretty current. Well, this month, Sammi had to memorize a speech by Sojourner Truth and present it in class dressed up like her. We did our best, but Sojourner Truth was a slave that spoke at a woman's rights rally? or something like that. Sammi wanted to be as authentic as possible, and since I couldn't make her black, she wanted cuts on her arms like she'd been whipped. I told her that was beyond my makeup capablilities and she had to settle for a few bruises. Well, to say that Sammi really got into her part is probably an understatement. She said that at one point during her speech, she even pounded on a kid's desk to emphasize her point. When I asked her if everyone liked it, she said, "I felt like a star! Everyone was giving me high fives, trying to give me their pretzels, you know, and throwing flowers at me..." At this point I had to ask, "They were throwing flowers at you?" She smiled big and said, "Well, no, but it felt like it in my mind."

This past week, Noah had the Blue and Gold banquet for his cub scouts. They had a lot of food and everyone got to play some games. Our whole family had a great time. Noah even got his wolf patch and one gold arrow patch as well. I had forgot my camera, so you will have to look at the snapfish link on the side to see the pics that a friend took for me that night.

Kassi and Jessi are into dressing up and tricking mommy. One day Jessi told me to look for Kassi, and it wasn't until I looked under a big pile in the closet that I found her. Kassi has also discovered the layered look. She layers all her dress up clothes on all at once which kind of lends itself to the bag lady look as well.

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