Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our New Addition to Our Family -- Meet Spike

At the beginning of February, we were able to bring home our new black lab. Mike's brother, Matt, has two labs, one black and one white. He told Noah two years ago that when they had puppies, he would get the first pick. So in Dec. when they had 10 puppies, Noah made sure he was on the list to get one. Uncle Matt saved the only black male for Noah, and he was eccstatic. After several times visiting Spike, we were finally able to bring him home. We are still trying to train him, but he is being stubborn. But he is really lovable, and just wants to sit in my lap. Which is going to get harder, the bigger he gets.


Davis family said...

all the pictures of the kids are great. But these of Noah and Spike are the cutest.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, Gee, I hope that a stuborn dog can fit into your family, he will have such a different personality from the rest of you!!!
love ya

Wilson Family said...

Thanks Ruth! I can still hear the sarcasm all the way from Texas, you know. But you do realize that my stubborn dog would feel right at home at your house as well!!