Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sand Dunes

We went to the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. The sand dunes are soooo big and there is a disappearing river that meanders in front of them. We were lucky that the river was running when we came. It wasn't there just 2 hours earlier from what people were telling us. The kids played in the water and sand. A park ranger even came and gave the kids a geology lesson about the sand dunes formed. They had so much fun. Mike and his brother, Scott, took Noah and Devon to the top of the sand dunes. It took them a long time to get up there. They were very hot when they got back down to us.
After the sand dunes, we went to a pool that is heated by a natural hot spring. Unfortunately, it 100 degrees outside and the hot water wasn't too refreshing. But I can imagine how nice it would feel on a cold day. Course the weather changed on us really quickly and our 100 degree weather turned into a hail storm within less than an hour. But we were done swimming by then anyway.

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