Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Ok, so this is how it went down. The beginning of the week, I knew that my aunt Jeanette and her son, TJ were coming and they were bringing TJ's friend. My brother Wyatt was coming, but my brother Jason wasn't sure. We had invited Mike's parents to come, but then we heard they might do their own thing because Mike's sister Lori and her family didn't have anywhere to go. So of course I invited them too, that meant I had enough people to actually make a turkey and a ham. So the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING, my mom calls and mentions that they don't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving. I reminded her that I had invited her months ago, and I was told they wouldn't be able to make it. Then she said, "Well it's probably too late to come now, right?" I was ecstactic! "Are you serious? Well come on over then!!" Then my brother Jason called to say he was going to come too. So that is how we ended up with 6 more people at the last minute. It was so much fun. My mom and Glen and the boys, stayed until Mon. morning. On Fri. my mom, Wyatt, and I got up at 2:30 am to hit the Black Friday shopping. Our first stop was Mervyn's where if you were one of the first 250 people in line, you got a $10 gift card. We each got one. Then on to KB toys where there was a news crew walking around the store. I don't know what happened, one minute I was standing next to mom when a lady with a camera walked up and asked me why I got up so early to make these sales. I look around and notice that my mother is NO WHERE to be found. So my dumb reply was "Uh, I have 4 kids and I need the sp..specials, uh d..d..deals." (ok, so I found out I'm not so good in front of the camera, you should have seen my deer in the headlights imitation). So after Mervyn's we hit Target and Michael's. Then we were home by 9am. We still had time to go to the movies with everyone, after our naps of course. On Sat. the boys went paintballing, Glen took the girls to the movies, and mom and I went to Tucson to visit my uncle Ray. He hasn't been doing real great, so we wanted to go visit him and see how he looked. He was doing pretty good and we were very happy to see him walking around and talking just fine. He still isn't out of the woods, but I definately think there could be some hope there. Sun. Mom and Glen decided to avoid the holiday traffic and wait until Mon. to drive home, so we played games and ate leftovers. I was so happy and excited to have the last minute guests. It was great to see my Aunt Jeanette too and then to visit my Uncle Ray, it was just an amazing weekend. We will have to do it again sometime!!


Tiffany & Annabella said...

I wish I was there!!! I missed y'all on Thanksgiving

mom said...

we had a great time too. I loved doing the black friday thing. and the movies. and of course seeing everyone. I loved the visit to Rays. that is a great pic. Hope I get all the photos of Ray !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for having us to your home on thanksgiving. it was so great to see family that i have not seen in such a very long time. tj and jarrod were just saying last night how they need to practice football for next thanksgiving. we love you all, love auntie jeanette