Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cable Wan Kanobi

After already getting our tax return, we went for a date last night. This date consisted of Mike and I going out to dinner then off to shop for a new computer. We were concerned about our 7 yr old computer, that had been giving us problems this past year. So we found a really good deal on a good computer with monitor, and printer and came home to set up. Mike said that he really wanted me to set up the computer this time, as a "learning" experience. I of course deferred to his superior knowledge on the subject and tried to extricate myself from the situation. He would have none of it, so we finally settled on me just watching his efforts so I could be enlightened. I pulled up a chair, sat down to watch as I said "teach me Obi Wan." To which he replied, "That's Cable Wan Kanobi to you." Soon my simple job of watching turned into that of a surgical nurse.
Cable Wan - "Printer"
Me - "printer"
Cable Wan - "out of the box preferably"
Me - "Well be more specific next time."
Cable Wan - " CPU"
Me - "Hey, I know what that is!!"
Cable Wan - "Do you know what it stands for?"
Me - "Uhhmm 'comes pretty undone'?"
Cable Wan - "Uh, no, 'central processing unit'"
Me - "yea, so, I knew what it was, what more do you want?"

Suffice it to say that soon Mike released me from this onerous task, so he could do it in peace. That is how I come to be typing on this nice new keyboard today. Thank goodness for tax returns and husbands that know how to set up computers!!


Tiffany & Annabella said...

This is a great story it is so you two!!!

Merrimom said...

You guys are hilarious! Keep the funny stories coming...I love laughing at someone other than myself....I mean that in a good way!

the Jesters Court said...

Since I know you so well, I think that you knew the right things to say to get out of helping!!!
Thats why I love ya sooo much!!!!!!