Friday, July 11, 2008

Professional Artist

Every year, the principal and owners of the school pick some student art that they purchase from the student. Then they have it framed and hang it around campus. Noah was sooo excited to have his artwork chosen this year. They presented Noah with his check of $25 and let him show his framed art to the school. He is now a Professional Artist since he has been paid for his work!! His artwork is a water color with salt added for texture. He used tape to keep the trunks of the trees white. Then took the tape off revealing the white paper and decorated it like trees.
He was quite proud of his work!!

Mr. and Mrs. Miller are the ones that chose his art work. There were about 20 pieces of art work chosen out of the whole school!!

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NancyM said...

I love the artwork, Noah!! I hope you keep painting, your picture was fantastic!!