Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stephenie Meyer Book Signing

Ok, so those of you that know me might not find this too strange, but for those of you that don't know me well yet, this might seem wierd. In May I went to a book signing to see an author whose books I hadn't read!! My sister had been going on and on about this author and her Twilight series of books. I was very curious about her, but her Twilight books are YA novels and I was writing a YA novel at the time. With all the rave reviews, I didn't want to read her books before I finished writing the first draft of my own. I was afraid I would feel like my writing was so terrible compared to hers.

So instead of reading her books, I read about her. Stephenie Meyers is an LDS stay at home mom that lives in Glendale, AZ. She had a dream one night and the next morning she suddenly started writing it down because she wanted to know what happened. After reading all this about her, how could I not feel a connection with her story? It was like I just had to meet her. So I found some willing friends to go with me to her book signing for "The Host". "The Host" is an adult science fiction novel, which is right up my alley. So after promising to get my sister, Tiffany a signed copy, off I went to Tempe. My friends, Stormy and Lindsay came with me. They had both read her other books and had a great time talking about them and listening to Stephenie speak to us. I enjoyed it as well. She even talked about how she became a writer and gave tips to those would be authors in the audience.

Now after reading all her books, I can safely say that my favorite is "The Host". But the other ones were good too. I definately recommend her books.


Linz and Joshua Ashcroft said...

so glad I was invited to the book signing cause it was so much fun!!! I liked seeing all your pictures of your family and such. By the way, you have adorable kids! Hope I get to see your answers to the tag soon :)

amanda said...

Tiffany told me about this...I am jealous

Pam Wood said...

That is cool that you got to go. I have heard lots of good things about her. She was in Michelle's ward and is a friend of hers. She has a movie coming out too I hear. Maybe I should get reading!