Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mormon Mommy Writers

I'm so excited about the blog that me and some friends put together. It's Check us out! It's not just for mormons, or mommies, you don't even have to be a writer to read our blog. It's kind of an interactive blog where we expect lots of comments. We have writing exercises, round robin stories, interviews with authors, and any other zany things we think up. So check us out, pass the link around, and be sure to leave plenty of comments! Thanks!!!


giddymomof6 said...

Yay! I Love Mormon Mommy Writers!!! Wahooo! It's awesome! Thanks for posting!

Jenn Johansson said...

It's so fun! I laughed so hard when you IM'd me to go write so you could do it again! LOL

Renee Collins said...

I'm excited to be part of this!!! Woo hoo! :)

btw, is this your writing blog? I want to know so that I can link it on my blog.

Nikki said...

Thanks guys! I love you all too!! LOL!!

Renee- this is my family/writing blog. I try to do two in one. If it becomes too crazy in the future I may separate the two, but for now...What you see is what you get!!