Monday, February 16, 2009

Payback for Tiffany

This is the picture that Tiffany would have you see, the one of a happy family with very happy child!

These are the pictures that came BEFORE the forced happy picture above!

See the plastered smiles on the parent's faces?

This one you must blow up! Click on it twice...look at Bella's face, then look at Tiff's face! Like mother like daughter. Can you just picture the fights those two have???

Yes, Annabella is spitting in this picture! Nice picture Tiff!!! Click on this one too, you will see Tiff sticking out her tongue!!

That's right Tiff! When all else fails, stick your chest out and show off the boobies!!


Davis family said...

okay-these are hilarious. and the fourth picture! haha. that is such a tiff face. i remember from many years ago. love you guys!!

giddymomof6 said...

FABULOUS! It's awesome! Keep em coming!

amanda said...

love it! the facial expressions of all three in the one third from the bottom made me laugh...

NancyM said...

Paybacks are so much fun!!