Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Craziness

Wow! It's definately time for me to play catch up! Life has been really crazy! I'm going to catch you up on what Mike and I have been up to lately then add posts about each kid later this week. The good news is that I have lots of pictures for my posts (just for you Keyth. I know how annoyed you get when there are only words and no pictures! LOL!)

Mike has been working on trying to find work for his guys in the cabling department. He actually had to let two guys go recently and that was really hard for him to do. In this economy nobody wants to make someone jobless. He's also been working with his young men from church. He works with the boys that are 16-18 yrs old. They also work on scouting too. They keep him fairly busy. He has also been helping an older member in our ward with a remodeling project while trying to finish our remodeling project at home. Back in December we closed in our back patio to make another room. He basically just put up a wall at that point, but now it's time to finish up with more drywall, electrical, texturizing, and painting. Oh, and he has one week to finish this. It will be my computer room and I will be needing it really soon.

I have been pretty busy with school lately as most of you have surmised. I have also been in charge of a few activities at church including a kind of spa day that we put on for the women. We learned exercise tips, healthy cooking recipes, makeup and skin care, stress relieving techniques, homemade beauty product recipes, and how to cut and style our own hair. I actually taught the last class. I think it went ok. It was alot of fun and I was really glad to be involved. My writing has been on the back burner lately. I think it has been nice to take a break from it and give me time before I go back to the story. I did write a short story for a contest that I entered recently but I won't know anything until like Oct. or Nov.

This past Friday night, I graduated from Glendale Community College with a two year Associates in Arts degree. I started this path 16 years ago in 1993. I stopped in 1995 as children began to bless my life. I started again in 2008 and finished the 17 credits I needed to graduate. It was nice to accomplish this goal. Now that I have it though, I'm not sure what to do with it. I will not be continuing on to a university at this point in my life, but it's nice to know that the option is there for me if I want it. I will be starting training for a new job tomorrow, though. I will be taking sales and reservation calls for Uhaul. The best part about this job is that after the week of training I will be working from my computer at home. (Thus the reason Mike only has one week to finish my computer room.) The only bad thing is that I can't take any vacation or time off for the first three months. That means no summer trips. Though the kids won't be neglected they have grandparents willing to make sure their summers are fun!

Speaking of family...I would like to thank all of my family that got to come to my graduation. It meant alot to me to see (and hear!!!) you all there. Thanks to all the family that sent cards and called me even thought they couldn't come. I love my supportive family! You are all so great!
My sister Tiffany is in AZ indefinately at the moment. She is staying in Gilbert (about 45mins away) helping Keyth's Grandma through her health problems. She has been able to come out and visit us on the weekends and it's been nice to see her and Annabella. A special thanks to my in-laws who let her borrow their extra vehicle so she can travel to our side of town to visit. (BTW they are selling that vehicle, it's a GMC Jimmy and really nice. They are selling it for a very good price. Let me know if any of you are interested!!)
Thanks to everyone for waiting so patiently for my next blog posts!! I know they have been few and far between!


giddymomof6 said...

Aww.. look at all those cute butts! LOL! Congratulations Nikki on your graduation! It's so exciting for me to see your dream come true! Just awesome! And I love your new photos! Jenni

NancyM said...

Yea!! A new post!! Thanks for the update on everyone, AND pictures!!! Send me a picture of the GMC that is for sale, and the sale info. We will be looking for a car for Juli for next year...if it is in our price range, we may be interested.