Saturday, May 23, 2009

Noah Updates

Noah turned 11 years old this March. He is definately my favorite son! Isn't he so cute? I can't believe how much he is growing up. Recently his school had a poetry reading night and Noah wrote his own poem:

The Life of a Plant

Once there was a plant,
He really liked to chant.
There was too much pollution,
It was after the constitution.

He really wanted to speak,
But all there was was a squeak.
It really was so rude,
It was like they were pulling some attitude.

All he was was a plant,
And they really wouldn't hear his chant.

His school has a link where you can view your child's artwork. To see some of his favorite artworks click here.
He has been working hard in the scouting program too. He earned his Weblos badge and Scouting badge. He also earned the Arrow of Light. He continues to work on badges and hopes to earn 56 in the next 3 or 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Noah, I loved your artwork! I hope you keep drawing! Sister Hurst

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

I loved the artwork!!! it is great!