Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alot happeing here!!

Hi all!! It's been awhile since I've updated, or at least it feels like it, with everything that's been going on. April was a busy month. The kids had their Testing one week at school, and then they had a field day to celebrate the end of testing. I got to go watch them as they hopped, ran, and generally got tired!

Also in April, Jessi's class made models of dinosaurs. Jessi made hers out of Floam, but the only colors that would work real well was the pink and purple. (By the way don't tell her it looks like Barney, apparantly that is a very bad thing and brings her to tears.)

Then the 3rd graders had their Roman Chariot Races. Noah was the lead soldier for his class and got to carry their banner as they marched onto the field. They had a great time as they took turns pulling each other in a wagon to see which class could finish first. The whole school came to the park to cheer them on. It was noisey to say the least.

Also in April, my sister-in-law Lorie, gave birth to healthy twins. My new niece is named Alizabeth(Ali for short) weighed 5lbs, and my new nephew, Spencer, weighed 5lbs 13 ounces. They are all doing well and Lorie looks great and is actually graduating from College May 11th.

We celebrated Noah and Kassi's birthdays in April. (Yes, Noah's birthday is actually in March, but it's just easier to only have the family come together once) Noah turned 9 this year and Kassi, (my baby!) turned 4 years old. She loves to dress up so we got her a Tinker Bell dress. She loved it of course and couldn't wait to model it. Noah's gift this year was his puppy, and he is really loving him. Spike is getting very big even though he still thinks he should be able to fit in our laps.

Well that's it for now, but we have alot going on the next couple of months. So I will try to update more often.

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